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UC Mini Browser – This famous browser has been developed by the equally famous internet technology company Alibaba. It goes without saying that very few people would not have heard of Chinese based Venture Capitalist and Internet Technology firm Ali Baba. In fact, the UC browser in itself

has been developed by the company UC web and this in turn is owned by Alibaba. As of now, the UC web is the leading browser in many of the countries in the world especially in Asia. The internet market in China and India has UC browser as the leader.The UC mini browser as the name itself says is the smaller version of the main UC browser. Like every mini version, they have less space and faster performance due to this. The lightweight aspect of the APK file does make a lot of difference. Ideally it is suited for the Android and IOS devices having limitations on storage spaces. It can be run on the high end devices also but then in such devices having high storage capacity, the UC browser is much better. Currently it has more than 120 million users and is extremely popular in many parts of the world. In a hyper competitive internet market, the UC mini still continues to grow at a rapid pace. Steps to install the UC Mini

Browser on the Android device – On the app stores (it is there on all the big and small app stores of the world) first download the APK file and then click on “open”. In some cases, there may be a prompt. That time click on “settings” and then “turn on unknown sources”. Then go back to installation so that it continues. Once it is over, click on Done. The browser icon will appear on the device home screen. It is now ready to be used.

Some technical details about the UC mini app – The app has been developed by UC Web Store Singapore PTE Ltd. The file size is 43 MB. The current and running version is and the minimum Android requirement is 4.4 and above. The is now owned by Alibaba group as of now. The content usage is approved for 12 years and above.

Features – The biggest and most comfortable advantage no doubt is the fast browsing speed. The content gets uploaded really fast and the experience of fast searching and browsing is great altogether and on a much enhanced level. The UC Mini gives this enhanced level of performance through the Team Tech’s of the UC browser. Now come and get all the information in a jiffy. This is what happens when something is lightweight. One another special feature of the UC browser mini is the Video browser that it providers to its users. This is one of the best products from the UC browser team. The much faster and safe way to get right content and the answers in a very short span of time. There are videos galore of all sorts that can be searched and downloaded like movies, comedy videos, TV show videos and lots more. It’s all there in UC Mini. The UC Mini has all the videos in one app and no need for any sort of exhaustive search. It is the one single stop solution for all video related entertainment. All the videos related to TV series, TV shows, all sorts of funny videos, Bollywood movies – the latest and the classics. It can be downloaded in no time at all. Then watch it, comment and like on it. There is something called as the star feature in the videos and this classification has been done by the UC mini. These are different dimensions created according to the self-given ratings of the This is an individual channel. Choose the selected one with the favorite stars and get the desired level of videos of all. There are more features with the Video functionality of the app. This is through the video maker functionality. It allows many change that can be done to the video with different edits.So, now users with their Android devices can take their own selfies or photos of other friends and relatives. This can be swapped or clubbed with images and pics of famous celebrities. It is true fun and entertainment at its best. Then share it over the social media through WhatsApp, Facebook and all that… The video features and functionality does not seem to end here. It is very simple to get the different videos at the same time from the internet to the smart phone. There is just one step involved and it happens at a fast pace. It is not necessary to put the app in an active mode even for the downloads to happen. They can carry on with their other works and the

functioning will continue at the background. Just go about the normal routine and do not worry about the interruptions at all. Even if it’s a mobile that is always in the user’s hands, nobody will like to go about by compromising their privacy and security. This is unthinkable even in the smallest magnitude. Such a worry will be eliminated totally by the UC Mini app. It does not leave any trace of browsing. This erases completely history, caches, cookies and any form of details. Do not fret about anyone collecting your browsing choices and sending you data accordingly. This incognito mode feature is highly beneficial. The UC mini app of course has the ad blocker functionality and this makes the overall browsing experience for the user very much trouble free. All the different types of ads are blocked and now surf away to glory on the Android device without any interruptions of any sort.

Differences between the UC mini and the UC browser – As mentioned earlier, the UC Mini is a lightweight version of the UC mini browser and make for easy handling and faster content viewing. It is best suited for smartphone devices having slightly lesser storage capacity. The UC mini has many functions of the UC browser as well. This includes download management which enables multiple faster downloads, data compression which is somewhat like the thin client operation, cloud system technology through which information is taken from the nearest server. Again both the browsers also However, apart from these, the UC mini has several differentiating factors as well from its parent browser. It is necessary to know some of them for the benefit of the users. The UC browser has the feature of the UC centre and this functions as the best possible route to many shortcut and features. This includes downloads, themes, tools, bookmarks. It also shows, how much data has been saved till date. This feature is not there in UC Mini. Consequently, the shortcuts are also not there. This means things like data saving is not present and so also features like feedback sharing. In the UC browser, if a user goes to the tools in the settings, there are several options like clipboard, Facebook connections, QE scanner etc. Many of these options are also there but not all. One example is the UC music which is not there in mini browser. However, those functions which are not there are more or less unimportant. Both the browsers have the download option of sending files from the smartphone device to PC or laptop but in the UC browser, the speed is marginally better. It may not make much difference overall. There is a clean file button in the UC browser. This is basically about deleting the junk files on the device. It also gives the details of the different files like APK, videos and list of unused apps. Another feature that is available in UC browser but not in UC mini is the game centre. In the game centre many daily use popular games like Candy crush and Temple Run is there. This is totally unimportant difference as all such games can be taken from any of the big or small app stores of the world. More important is to preserve the space. (Suggestion: For all devices having 2 GB RAM and 1.5 Hgz processor, it is suggested to go for UC browser. If the configurations are less than as given above, then it is always suggested to for UC Mini). Just remember that ease of using really matters and having a fast, flexible and lightweight app is beneficial at all times. The readily available web content makes a lot of difference.

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